Since March, 2019

Postdoc at IMB, Université de Bordeaux. With Nicolas Papadakis and Julien Rabin. I’m working on optimal transport and machine learning with applications on image synthesis.

November, 2018 – February, 2019

Postdoc at MAP5, Université Paris Descartes. I work on image inverse problems and my researches topics are on patch-based methods and statistical modeling of the patch-space.

September, 2015 – October, 2018

PhD student at LTCI, Télécom ParisTech under the supervision of Julie Delon and Andrés Almansa.

I defended my PhD on Friday, the 12th of October, 2018.
You can find the manuscript here: Some advances in patch-based image denoising.


Antoine Houdard
Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux
351 Cours de la Libération
33400 Talence

Office  205
Email  antoine.houdard (α) u-bordeaux.fr